WP1: The development of measurement methods and techniques for the characterisation of MNPs

The aim of this work package is to develop and describe, in a metrologically sound way, measurement techniques for the characterisation of MNPs. Important parameters are MNP quantity, saturation magnetisation, core size distribution, hydrodynamic size distribution, crystallite number, chemical composition and magnetic interaction between crystallites and particles. Both newly manufactured as well as commercially available MNPs will be investigated. Wherever possible, existing standards for the determination of these parameters will be applied for MNP characterisation, specifically for X-ray methods, transmission electron microscopy and dynamic light scattering. Static and dynamic magnetisation measurements will be developed, performed and described in a standardised way in order to test the viability of definitions in ISO 19807-1. A special focus will be on the description of measurement methods for the specific loss power parameter of MNPs in hyperthermia and for the assessment of the long-term stability of MNP suspensions. A report “Description of relevant physical parameters of MNPs including their definition, measurement methods and applicable standards” will be compiled based on the obtained results with input from WP3.