WP2: Preparation of the ISO “Metrological Checklist” for MNPs

The aim of this work package is to summarise metrological knowledge on MNPs in a document addressing the points in the “metrological checklist” according to ISO/TC 229 N 673. This checklist is a common document between ISO/TC229 “Nanotechnologies” and IEC TC/113 “Nanotechnology for Electrotechnical Products and Systems”. It contains basic questions that have to be answered in the preparation of a New Work Item Proposal or a Working Document for an ISO standard for a new class of nanomaterials or a new measurement method for the properties of a nanomaterial. It comprises a definition of the terms and scope, methods for traceability, methods for quality control, reproducibility in several labs, a literature review and an uncertainty budget. The information that is necessary to implement qualified metrological checklists will come from the review of previous expertise in WP3. The magnetic parameters which are suitable for a standardised description in a metrological checklist will be investigated. Then the general questions in ISO/TC 229 N 673 will be refined with respect to the selected methods. The actual metrological checklists for the methods selected will be compiled.