WP4: Contribution to ISO/TC229 and interaction with industrial end-users

The aim of this work package is to use the knowledge gained during the project for the finalisation of ISO 19807-1 and the preparation of further ISO standards on magnetic nanoparticles. In ISO/TC229, decisions are taken after discussions by balloting and each country has a single voice. Technically, countries are represented by experts delegated by national standardisation organisations. In order to achieve a harmonised response from European standardisation organisations, it is necessary to bring the results of this project into the technical committees on nanotechnology of the national standardisation organisations, where for each country the interests and considerations of the national experts and industries are discussed. National industries and stakeholders will be consulted in order to prepare the final contributions to ISO 19807-1. The framework for this consultation will be the technical committees of the national SDOs of the partners. In addition, AFNOR/X457 will be approached as well as the NMIs and SDOs of the Danubian countries to provide an opportunity to stakeholders in these EU countries to benefit from the work of this project. The technical results of this project (WPs 1, 2 and 3) will be provided to ISO/TC229 in an appropriate form. In addition to the contributions to ISO 19807-1, a roadmap on further standardisation of MNPs will also be developed. Also, European industrial stakeholders that are not represented in the national SDO committees will be consulted on the actual state, and further development, of ISO 19807-1.